All that Jazz

All that Jazz
All that Jazz

Editore:  A&R
Genere: Musica
Anno: 2002
EAN: 8023561012420
Pagine 2 - 14x12 - Brossura - Libretto + CD
Disponibilità : momentaneamente NON disponibile
Prezzo: € 10,90


Blue and sentimental (H.Humes-B.Clayton´s)- Lotus Blossom (J.Lee-T.Douglas) - Sentimental Journey (E.Fitzgerald) - Long long journey (L.Armstrong) - Until the real time thing comes along (B.Holiday) - Don´t let the sun catch you cryin´ (L.Jourdan) - Candy (J.Mercer-Jo Stafford-P.Weston) - Amor (A.Russell-Al Sack) - Til the end of the time (D.Day) - Dream a little dream of me (The Nat King Cole Trio) - It´s all up to you (F.Sinatra with D.Shore) - Smooth Sailing (C.Williams) - Some day you´lle be sorry (L.Armstrong) - I got it bad and that ain´t good (D.Ellington) - Im´ beginging to see the light (H.James) - Smoke gets in your eyes (B.Goodman) - How long has this been going on? (L.Horne) - Sentimental journey (Les Brown & D.Day) - Milestone (Miles Davis) - Don´t worry about me (S.Getz)

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